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Wireless internet connection is the most useful internet connection which is mainly used in laptop, smartphone and tablet PC. Many people now use Wi-Fi or wireless internet. Because Wi-Fi is cheap and it is available in many places. You just need to use a router to start the Wi-Fi internet connection. Everything is very easy and that is why, you need to use a router. You have to buy a router and it is available at cheap rate. From the same internet connection, you can spread Wi-Fi and many devices can use Wi-Fi connection together. Wi-Fi internet spread internet through air and it is very useful.
Many new users of the router get afraid to know about the router setting and Wi-Fi setting but it is not very difficult. They can easily setup router and setup whole Wi-Fi connection. That is why, you need to read the router and I sure that you can do this. Many people setup settings of the router and Wi-Fi connection with other settings. However, let’s buy a router and I suggest you to buy a router from popular brand of Linksys or D-Link. Because those are popular and cheap. You can buy Tenda router.
For setup settings, you have to login to the router and this is why, you have to login to the router control panel. You need to use IP address, username and password for login to the router control. You will get all of those things inside of the router manual or other papers in the router box. You need to use a browser and on the browser address bar you just type the default IP address of the above those routers IP address and press enter bar. Now use username and password on the login form of the router control panel.
Once you have logged in to the router, you have to setup settings. Otherwise, you cannot use internet connection or you can use Wi-Fi. You will get more instruction or friendly instruction in other websites for your router as wireLess settings. However, But I suggest you to follow the router manual first and then you can setup step by step settings. You have to setup internet and Wi-Fi in the router and later you can setup settings for Wi-Fi security. You do not need to worry. For internet and Wi-Fi setting, you can use Wizard panel. In most of the home routers, you will get the wizard tool which you need to use for setup internet and settings quick. Experts recommended to use Wizard tool for newbie and experts too. Because by this method, they can save time and within few minutes everything has done.
The wizard tool asks you to put some information step by step and then you have to use next button. You need to know what information you need to put and you can ask your ISP to know all of those information. Mainly, you have to know your internet connection and your router mode. If you want to use your router as Universal repeater, then you have to choose or you have to choose other mode. On the next step, you have to put some more information for making the connection stable. You need to country, Internet service provider information (ISP), Dial number, username, password, SIM card pin code, username etc. Later you have to use more information like SSID network name, channel setup, key or password for Wi-Fi. Now finish or save the router. You have successfully completed all of the settings.
Now you should have used Wi-Fi connection setup of all of the setting. You can check wireLess settings from other websites to know more. Now you should use a Wi-Fi features enable device to check the connection. You must prefer to use Wi-Fi in your smartphone and this why, you need to check the Wi-Fi connection through the smartphone. You just search SSID network name through the smartphone and when you get that, just select and use your key or password for Wi-Fi for login. Make sure that you have used correct Key. When you have put the hard password on the router key section. Make sure that you have put hard password with combination with letters, numbers and symbols.
You should know about the IP address confliction problem. IP address confliction problem occurs from the same IP address. When the same IP address run in the router, then this problem occurs. You need to change the default IP address from your router or other networking device which are involved in the same network. You will get the default IP address in the router setting page. You should find that IP address and change it according to the following rules. You must read the router manual to know more.
In the router control panel, you will get more things what you can use for making your tasks easier. You can reboot the device for making the device useful. You can change the router password and change username. You need to change the default username and password when you want to ensure security for the Wi-Fi and router. It is necessary to keep your router updated and you have to update Firmware. That is why, you need to login to the router and set up all of the settings. If you want to reset the router to factory default that you can do this from your router setting page. It is also necessary to setup time and date for your router. Otherwise, you may face various problem from the router.
You need to know some information about changing the IP address. In this case, you need to use IP class and you cannot change the IP address. If you change the IP address class, then the router does not let you put the false IP address. You should keep the fist 2 parts similar to the default IP address 192.168 and you can change the last two parts easily. On the place of last two parts, you can use any number from 0 to 255. Make sure that the manual IP address does not similar to the default IP address. You can use For avowing IP confliction problem, you have to follow this method and secure your router.
You can search this keyword wireLess settings online but you will not get any better article than this article. In this article, I have completed almost everything related with the router setting and Wi-Fi settings. However, you should read the router manual to know more about the router settings and you can visit YouTube.